Sometimes the best partners you can find are in your own family. That was certainly the case for brothers Elias and Antara Vade. Since January 2018, the Mexican siblings have been teaming up to run the Ant brand. 

The brother and sister team combine their specialized areas of study; Elias with business administration and Antara experience in design.  The two siblings built their bond thanks to their mutual love of fashion.  When the two returned to their hometown of Xalapa Mexico, after traveling independently, it was a natural decision to go into business together. 

Thier goal was to start an innovative fashion line of traditionally handmade products that would support local Mexican artistians.  That began their Ant brand. 

One of the goals of the business was to support their community. “When we returned to Veracruz, there were many people without jobs,” said Elias Vade. “We met many artisans who knew how to make bags and shoes but they did not have much work. We created this project so we could all get ahead.”

The Ant name comes from the small communal insect. “We still identify with ants; they are very close with their family and very strong workers despite their size,” Elias added.

The Vade siblings find inspiration for their designs from current trends. However, their goal is to make it innovative and eye-catching products. Elias describes the ideal pair of shoes to have “an interesting design, being comfortable and made with good materials.”

“For our bags, we like that they are timeless designs that are dynamic. Each of our bags can serve you in different ways, adapting to the needs of our customers.” 

Elias’ favorite creation is the brand’s MOMA bag. “The bag is very meaningful; we manufactured it together with our mother. She was involved as the beginning of the brand, and unfortunately died a few months later.” The bag takes its name from what the brothers called their mother.

In addition to innovative design, the Ant products are made of higher quality materials. The bags and shoes are made of vegetable tanned-bovine leather. Their strict materials for guidelines ensures that the product does not contain lead, chromium or other heavy metals. 

All the materials are made in Mexico. Even ethical consumption is a concern; the cattle that are used for leather are also used for human consumption, resulting in no waste.

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